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August 26, 2020 4:11 pm


With the advent of mass travel, fuelled by cheap and easy access to air travel in particular, more people are now able to visit the exotic paces past generations were only able to dream about. Far flung places such as the far east and Australia are now a matter of hours away.

This opening up of the world also means that many more people from the likes of China, Russia and the Middle East are now able to visit Europe as a whole and the UK, in particular, with London being a strong draw. Many of these people are very wealthy individuals and have made London as their semi- permanent home due to the ease of movement and access to excellent education and healthcare facilities. Usually these types of people often have a high profile in their places of origin and feel safer with close protection, which they also have when they visit or stay in London.

Having someone keeping an eye out and feeling safe is important for health and well being and there are many reputable companies to consider when looking at close protection in London, including Valarous Group Close Protection London.

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