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The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Retiring to a Park Home

September 1, 2020 3:22 pm


Deciding on a retirement property is an important and personal decision. What suits one person might not suit the next. A residential park home has so much to offer – a beautiful location along with like-minded people. Let’s look at some major pros to this retirement option.

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The Great Outdoors

Life in a residential park home not only offers a scenic location, it also offers you the freedom to take advantage and do whatever you want. Wiltshire park homes, for example, are surrounded by luscious countryside where you can go for long walks, exercise outdoors and improve your physical fitness. The best medicine is the fresh air – improving the mind, body and spirit. Examples of stunning park homes include Blunsdon Abbey park homes in Wiltshire.


Surrounded by like-minded neighbours, you will become part of a close-knit community who look out for each other and ensure no one ever feels alone. Group activities, whether it’s a picnic or exercise classes, will keep you happy and healthy. Happiness causes feel-good chemicals to be released into your brain and your mental wellbeing will be improved and new friendships made.

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The Accommodation

Let’s not forget the accommodation itself! Park homes are virtually stress-free. They are very low-maintenance and super economical and most companies offer assistance with moving and warranties. This will help give you peace of mind knowing you’re not moving into a “fixer upper”. The insulation and heating in many park homes make them very energy-efficient, and we all know how important sustainability is in this day and age!


Residential park homes, like Wiltshire park homes, are situated within easy access to amenities. Get your daily exercise by taking a scenic walk down to the shops or to a restaurant or pub. Turn it up a notch by visiting a leisure centre or walk round the local area with a friend. Other important amenities such as doctors’ surgeries are close by. With everything in your doorstep, how could you say no!

Considering It?

As mentioned before, where you choose to live out your retirement is a big decision, and it’s vital you pick the option where you will feel most comfortable. You deserve the rest, after all! Why not book on to an open day at your park of choice and arrange a viewing?

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